Independent Ducati servicing Bristol

Bristol Ducati service workshop

Bristol’s independent Ducati service and maintenance specialists, providing affordable Ducati servicing to main dealer standards.

Reduce your Ducati maintenance and servicing costs without compromising on quality.

Workshop services covering much of the Ducati model range: 1198/1098/848, 999/749 Superbikes, 1000SS Supersport, the 748 and 916 to 998 Superbikes, all models from the Sport Classic range, the ST3 and ST4 SportTouring, Multistrada, Hypermotard, and all Monster, from the original 900 through to the S2R and S4R Testastretta models.

An affordable, independent alternative
JHS is one of the few independent service workshops in Bristol and the south west that have the factory workshop manuals and specific tools and instruments for setting-up Ducati superbikes and other models including the latest Multistrada, whilst also providing servicing for Ducati models using the air-cooled v-twin motor. Our equipment includes the essential Mathesis tester, an electronic diagnostic device that enables us to access the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of modern Ducatis and perform fault diagnosis; identifying and clearing fault codes that give rise to an amber EOBD warning light on the instrument panel. And whilst JHS Ducati servicing is offered at competitive prices it is no less comprehensive or thorough; we strictly adhere to, or exceed, all factory service specifications and use only genuine Ducati parts.

Ducati Bristol servicing
Bristol Ducati workshop

Ducati service schedule intervals & charges:

Service schedule for post-2007 Ducati models
Minor (m) 12 mths 7500m | Major (M) 24 mths 15000m

Servicing prices start from:

Two-valve engines:

Monster 695/696/796/1100
(m) £229  (M) £289

Four-valve engines:
Superbike 848/1098/1198, Streetfighter

Prices from: (m) £249  (M) £339

See PDF for details >

Four-valve 11-degree engines:
Multistrada 1200
Prices from: £339

See PDF for details >

For further details please see this PDF: Ducati itemised service menu (PDF)

General notes
7.5k service
includes valve clearance checks (any adjustments and shims are in addition).

15k service
includes valve clearance checks (any adjustments, shims are in addition), timing belts replacement, includes checking & cleaning of spark plugs (replacement plugs are in addition), checking and cleaning of air filter (replacement filter is in addition).

Standard elements of every annual service:

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • All fluid levels checked
  • Controls check/lubricate
  • Spark plug replace (upon request)
  • Air filter – check/replace (upon request)
  • Check coolant level
  • Inspect brake discs and calipers
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check tyre pressures, condition
  • Examine chain, sprockets – adjust, lubricate as required
  • Check battery & charging system
  • Check all electrical systems
  • Check nuts, bolts all tight
  • General lubrication
  • Safety road test & clean

Prices include VAT & genuine Ducati parts.

Pre-2007 Ducati models
Ducati engines up to model year 2007 have their first service from new at 600 miles. Thereafter they require servicing every 6000 miles or 12 months – whichever is sooner. At 12000 miles or 2 years they must have a more comprehensive overhaul that includes replacement of the timing belts.

All air-cooled v-twin (e.g. Monster, ST, SS & DS models):

Annual or 6,000 mile service  £395.00

Two-year or 12,000 mile service (including timing belt replacement)  £495.00

Prices include VAT and genuine Ducati parts

All pre-2007 Superbike models, e.g. 916, 996, 998, 748, 749 and 999 Testastretta (excluding 749R and 999R) plus Testastretta engine Monsters, and air-cooled Multistrada:

Annual or 6,000 mile service  £475.00

Two-year or 12,000 mile service (including timing belt replacement)  £595.00

Prices include VAT and genuine Ducati parts

Please call or visit our workshop for further information and to discuss your requirements.

Warranty and service record
Our customers are often those with bikes that have passed out of the two year factory warranty period and are looking for a capable and experienced, independent alternative to the high cost of main dealer servicing. JHS provide detailed receipts and stamp service books, maintaining the continuity of the service record for your Ducati motorcycle.

Timely servicing
Many riders are put off owning Italian superbikes from manufacturers such as Ducati by a reputation for exorbitant servicing costs. We’d agree that these bikes do need diligent attention to service intervals, especially the major service intervals that include replacing the timing belts and adjustment of the desmodromic valves. While the use of genuine Ducati parts does increase service costs, our workshop labour charges are essentially the same as they would be for any other type of superbike.

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