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Leo Vince motorcycle exhausts Bristol

Leo Vince Motorcycle Exhaust Systems & End Cans

Leo Vince products are designed in their own R&D facility, using advanced CAD/CAM technology.

Every prototype is extensively dyno-tested and, once approved, its performance is then rigorously evaluated on track, under the most extreme conditions.

Leo Vince is truly a ‘made-to-measure’ exhaust manufacturer. Facilities include all aspects of production, where the most modern technology works alongside the high degree of finish offered by specialised craftsmen.

The result of this is an outstandingly reliable product of the highest quality. LeoVince produces small batches of top-quality products aimed at competition users and the more discerning enthusiast.

The Leo Vince Range comprises both race cans and systems, and also end cans and systems with full EEC approval, which are totally road-legal.

LeoVince SBK complete systems are the result of experience gained from international competition and laboratory research, using the most sophisticated instruments.

The finished article is a product which, thanks to the materials and manufacturing processes adopted, the finish and levels of performance, is of the highest quality currently available on the market. Bearing in mind the quality of the products, the prices remain very competitive.

Compact Power

The LeoVince LV PRO Stainless Steel is the perfect combination between racing look and compactness. The LV PRO slip-on is the result of the LeoVince research of the best materials and craftmanship. LV PRO stainless steel sports a new aggressive and racing look with its “Shark Cut” end cap, which, combined with the small size, fully enhances the aesthetics of your bike.

AISI 304 stainless steel sleeve
Full carbon “Shark Cut” end cap
High temperature resistant packing (1,650 °F)
Full carbon fastening strap
Laser etched LeoVince logo

Also available in carbon fibre.

The GP STYLE BLACK EDITION design is based on LeoVince’s experience with the leading teams and technicians of the top class and provides the best combination of quality, performance and price for those who want to customize their motorbikes quickly and with few modifications while staying in full compliance with EU regulations.

AISI 304 stainless steel sleeve
Full carbon bracket
High temperature resistant packing (1,650 °F)
Matte black ceramic painting
Laser etched LeoVince logo

Please contact us for prices or visit our Online Store for details of specific products available for your bike.

All Leo Vince systems will increase power output of your motorcycle over its stock system, but to gain the most benefit we recommend that the system is installed by one of our expert fitters and the bike is then checked on our dyno.