Motorcycle dyno engine tuning – Bristol

Bristol motorcycle dyno testing

JHS Racing provide a comprehensive motorcycle engine performance dyno tuning & diagnostic service using our Dynojet rolling road facility.

We are an approved and fully authorised Dynojet Power Commander motorcycle dyno tuning centre serving Bristol and the south west. Our technicians are fully trained and certified by Dynojet UK.

Using the most up to date Dynojet 250i dyno in our air-conditioned facility we can dyno test motorbikes up to 500bhp.

In combination with the very latest tuning link software we can supply and install the Dynojet Power Commander engine management and quickshift unit for many motorcycles. These units enable us to accurately set up the fuelling and ignition to achieve optimum performance. In some circumstances we can also make mapping adjustments directly into the ECU.

Direct ECU fuel mapping/re-flashing is now a very popular option. Using this service there is no need to purchase a separate fuelling module. Using the ECU Studio application we can access your ECU internally and make changes to its programming, which is sometimes known as ‘re-flashing’. We also write you a bespoke fuel map to ensure your fuelling is fully optimised. Software and features vary for different makes and models of machines. For example the Kawasaki ZX10r 2016/17 model – we are able to: Enable the auto-blip function, adjust RPM limiters, adjust fan temp, adjust RPM idle – just to name a few.

Please call for more information for your machine 0117 986 8844

Direct ECU mapping is available from £399

Dynojet’s Load Control System uses the latest in eddy current power absorption technology which, combined with Dynojet software, enables our technicians to achieve consistent, repeatable results.

The real-world benefits delivered by our motorcycle dyno testing, tuning and set-up facilities are more than just an increase in top-end performance for your bike, you’ll also realise improved smoothness, responsiveness and efficiency in all riding conditions.

  • DynoJet 250i Rolling Road
  • Latest Tuning Link software
  • Latest Suzuki SDS system & Axone

We are also a Yoshimura Performance Centre and can supply all Yoshimura performance products direct from Japan.

Judge from our results
We stand on our record. JHS Racing have built and tuned racing motorcycles for many class-leading riders in the Supersport, Supertwins and MiniTwins race series, as well as preparing engines for the gruelling demands of the Isle of Man TT. Trusted by top motorcycle racers, JHS have been able to deliver the winning advantage through our programme of consistent research, development and testing. For optimum performance on road or track you can rely on our equipment, knowledge and experience. We aim to exceed your expectations!

Please call or visit our workshop for further information and to discuss your requirements.

Approved Dynojet tuning centre

Power Runs
Dyno test your bike for just £44.99
Ride-in dyno testing service. For diagnostics, evaluating modifications or accessories, or simply to discover your bike’s true rear-wheel power output. Your dyno test run includes printout graphs of your bike’s torque and power curves. Call us now for further details.

JHS are the exclusive providers of dyno testing services and dyno performance data to Fast Bikes Magazine.

Dynojet approved tuning centre

Alastair & Chris from 44Teeth bring their ‘Budget Bike Battle’ to the dyno room at JHS to discover which of their sub-£2k classic sports bikes has the more powerful engine.