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A slipper clutch provides a controlled degree of ‘slip’ to smooth out power transfer during hard downshifting into corners.

A conventional clutch can often allow engine-braking forces to lock the rear wheel when downshifting, a not infrequent occurrence, especially with high-torque engines such as the Ducati and Suzuki v-twin motors.

Not only does this make the bike harder to control, but it places enormous stresses upon the drive-train and engine internals.

Some manufacturers, notably Ducati, have now begun to incorporate a slipper clutch as a standard feature on some of their most recent models.

Tough and reliable, a Sigma slipper clutch provides tangible benefits for those who use their bikes hard on the track, giving you greater control with faster corner speed.

Sigma slipper clutches are now available for fitment to a wide range of motorcycles – please contact us for further information about suitability for your motorcycle.

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JHS Racing worked closely with Sigma Performance in the design and development of their slipper clutch for the Suzuki SV650.

Visit the Sigma Performance web site for in-depth information about their innovative slipper clutch designs.