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Direct ECU fuel mapping/re-flashing is now a very popular option. Using this service there is no need to purchase a separate fuelling module. We can access your ECU internally and make changes to its programming, which is sometimes known as ‘re-flashing’. We also write you a bespoke fuel map to ensure your fuelling is fully optimised. Software and features vary for different makes and models of machines. For example the Kawasaki ZX10r 2016/17 model – we are able to: Enable the auto-blip function, adjust RPM limiters, adjust fan temp, adjust RPM idle – just to name a few.

Please call for more information for your machine 0117 986 8844

Direct ECU mapping for most popular models is £420

Translogic Factory Quickshifter 4 System (incl. fitting)
For most sports bike makes & models

The Translogic Factory Quickshifter 4 System is a state of the art, stand-alone quickshifter that comes with the finest quality harness assembly and unique Intellishift. A full factory-specification Superbike quickshifter with Intellishift, enabling you to shift up gears at constant or full throttle without use of the clutch; ultra smooth up-shifts at any RPM. Works by cutting ignition timing, not fuelling. A Power Commander is not required.

JHS Racing are offering the Translogic Factory Quickshifter 4 – supplied, installed and set-up – from just £485. (QS4 unit-only from £365)

Push & Pull systems available. 2 Year Warranty. Plug & Play quickshifter harness connectors.

Translogic quickshift

Dynojet Power Commander engine control unit
For all makes & models

Controllable engine management processor. Provides the facility to override the engine’s ECU to improve performance characteristics.

There’s a lot more to say about the Power Commander – click here for our site’s main Power Commander page.

PC5 from £299

Dynojet Power Commander

Power Commander Fuel Controller unit
For all makes & models

The Power Commander FC is a new fuel management device pre-programmed with make/model specific maps. The FC unit also enables you to modify or change these maps on the fly, without a computer.

Select between a Power Commander FC map, custom-built maps, or even fine tune low, mid or high rpm ranges while sitting on the bike, with no need for a computer.

Click here for the main Power Commander page.

PC Fuel Controller from £211.15

Dynojet Power Commander fuel controller

Dynojet Quick Shift Sensor
For most makes & models

The Dynojet Quick Shifter Sensors are compatible with USB Power Commanders and allow full-throttle, clutchless up-shifts. These high quality sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable shifting in conjunction with the Power Commander. Sensors are attached to the gear linkage and connect into the Power Commander expansion port. All sensors include a software utility which allows the user to adjust the ‘Kill Time’ and ‘Minimum RPM Shift Point’ within the Power Commander Control Centre software.

Click here for the main Power Commander page.

Prices start from £192.00