Dynojet Power Commander

Power Commander III & V installation & Set-up

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Power Commander installation & set-up

Custom engine mapping & optimisation

What is a Power Commander?

The Power Commander is a fuel injection and, on some models, an ignition timing adjustment unit that plugs ‘inline’ with the bike’s stock ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

Changes are made to the bike’s fuel and ignition curves via the Power Commander’s onboard microprocessor. Using this technology we are able to provide a wide range of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bike’s ECU.

The Power Commander uses original-equipment style connectors so that no splicing or cutting of the harness is required. Simply removing the Power Commander unit returns the bike to its previous stock condition.

Custom Mapping

Our custom mapping service configures and optimises the Power Commander settings to uniquely suit your bike’s engine.

A custom map ensures you benefit from the greatest gains in power and torque at all throttle openings, making the machine feel crisp and responsive, eliminating the flat spots and inefficiencies that are present in manufacturer ECU units to meet emissions regulations.

Our custom mapping service through the Power Commander is £300 inc VAT for many popular Japanese and Triumph motorcycles or £350 inc VAT for BMW, KTM, Harley, MV, Ducati, Aprilia and other more exotic machines.

Dynojet Fuel Injection Tuning Link

The Dynojet Fuel Injection Tuning Link is an innovative software application that allows the automatic fuel curve optimization of a Power Commander equipped motorcycle.

The Tuning Link software interfaces the Power Commander with a Model 250 Load Control Dynamometer. The Tuning Link software controls both the Dynamometer and the Power Commander at the same time. By utilizing the Dynojet ‘real time’ air/fuel ratio monitoring equipment and latest ‘Load Control’ Dynamometer technology, the Tuning Link monitors the current air/fuel ratio at over 140 different points. At the same time, the Tuning Link automatically calculates the correct fuel adjustment to achieve the optimal air/fuel ratio. Once calculated, the Tuning Link uploads these new fuel values to the Power Commander and saves a copy of the file.

JHS RACING are able to supply and fit the entire range of products from Dynojet and Power Commander.

  • DynoJet Power Commander 5 or 6: from £432
  • DynoJet Power Commander Fuel Controller: from £211.15

We also provide these services at our workshop:

  • Dyno power output tests: £44.99 (details on Tuning page)
  • Supply a custom map for the Power Commander plus full dyno set-up of your bike using Tuning Link software to optimize the fuelling with the custom map feature: from £179.00 inc VAT.

Power Commander Fuel Controller

power commander fuel controller

The Power Commander FC is a new fuel management device pre-programmed with make/model specific maps. The FC unit also enables you to modify or change these maps on the fly, without a computer.

Select between a Power Commander FC map, custom-built maps, or even fine tune low, mid or high rpm ranges while sitting on the bike, with no need for a computer.

Power Commander products are available from our online store – click here

Dynojet Power Commander dealer

JHS Racing are Bristol’s No.1 factory trained and authorised Dynojet Power Commander tuning centre, supplying & installing most Dynojet Power Commander products.

Dynojet Approved Tuning Centre

As an Authorised Power Commander Tuning Centre we at JHS Racing can optimise the fuel and ignition mapping for your motorcycle. We can also develop custom maps for special applications. As a Dynojet Approved Power Commander Tuning Centre we have the latest state-of-the-art Dynamometer and testing equipment. This includes the new Dynojet Model 250 Load-Control Dynamometer and the Dynojet real-time Air/Fuel Ratio module. In addition, our technicians have successfully completed the Power Commander technician training course at Dynojet UK Ltd.

Learn more about the Power Commander by visiting the Dynojet UK web site – click here

power commander quickshift sensor
Dynojet Quickshift sensor – installation & set-up
The Dynojet Quick Shifter Sensors are compatible with USB Power Commanders and allow full-throttle, clutchless up-shifts. These high quality sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable shifting in conjunction with the Power Commander. Sensors are attached to the gear linkage and connect into the Power Commander expansion port. All sensors include a software utility which allows the user to adjust the ‘Kill Time’ and ‘Minimum RPM Shift Point’ within the Power Commander Control Centre Software.From £192.00 for most makes & models.
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