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All modern engines are controlled by a microprocessor chip; the Electronic Control Unit or ECU.

The ECU is factory pre-programmed to manage a wide range of parameters. Ultimately, this program determines how your engine operates.

But the manufacturer’s program contains a number of compromises and limitations, both for engine reliability and more often to fulfil emissions test and other regulatory requirements at certain RPM values.

The real-world consequences of these compromises are experienced in things like snatchy throttle pick-up and flat spots at certain points in the rev range; factors that directly affect rideability.

Previously the only way to alter these settings was to use a piggy-back fuel module, such as a Power Commander. There is still a case to be made for taking that path, as a fuel module can be easily removed, returning your bike to a completely stock condition.

Remap your ECU

But as an alternative it is now possible to directly re-program an ECU chip. An ECU chip uses ‘flash memory’, a type of solid state software encoding. Thus overwriting the chip with a new program is known as flashing, re-flashing, or direct ECU mapping.

The benefits of ECU flashing aren’t necessarily about headline-grabbing power gains but rather achieving a smoother, more responsive power delivery throughout the rev range. Its primary purpose is to improve rideability. It’s also possible to unlock additional features and capabilities of the ECU – for example, on the latest Kawasaki ZX10r we can enable the auto-blip function, adjust RPM limiters, adjust fan temp, and adjust RPM idle, to name just a few.

Our reliable, high quality ECU re-mapping service starts from just £350 +VAT.

We deploy tuning software from:

  • Flash Tune
  • Woolich Racing
  • Tune ECU
  • Tuneboy
  • Motec
  • YEC
  • HRC
  • Yoshimura
  • KRT (Kawasaki Race Kit)