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An after-market exhaust system or end-can is one of the most frequent modifications that owners will make to their bike. This is a quick introduction to why it’s important this decision is made wisely.

The reasoning behind the after-market products is that manufacturers are bound by the increasingly stringent noise and emissions regulations that govern their products, and a restrictive exhaust system is a key part of this equation. So fitting an after-market system is often the quickest and easiest route to liberating more performance from your bike’s engine.

An important consideration is whether after-market performance motorcycle exhaust systems are to be a straight replacement for the OE system, or whether they will require additional modifications to the engine. Such additional modifications will usually take the form of a substitute ECU (Engine Control Unit) chip, or a Power Commander, and possibly a high-flow air filter on the intake side. Not only will this ensure optimal peak performance, but can often improve engine characteristics in the mid-range too, as now manufacturers often have to tune their engines for emissions compliance at certain specified revs, but these settings don’t always mean the engine is actually performing at its best.

Correct installation & optimisation

Simply fitting a new exhaust end can – and especially a full system – without correct set-up of the engine can actually impede performance, and in extreme cases could even damage your engine, if it causes it to run too lean or too rich. Proper installation and set-up is essential.

In addition to supplying systems from the leading after-market system manufacturers listed alongside, JHS can advise you about the most appropriate exhaust system for your motorcycle, and install and optimise the exhaust for you using our dyno testing facilities. Dyno charts are provided that will clearly illustrate where the new exhaust system has delivered benefits, and correct set-up and optimisation of the engine will ensure that you see the full benefit from it.

JHS Racing are authorised dealers and installers of these performance motorcycle products. We can also supply and fit exhaust systems and end-cans from any other manufacturer – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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