Specialist workshop services

Welding, Aquablast, Superfinishing

Workshop services: Welding, Aquablast, Superfinishing

Skilled component fabrication & restoration

Our bespoke engine development and component manufacturing means that our workshop facilities include a wide range of machine-shop equipment, enabling us to offer precision services for many kinds of metal surface finish restoration and fabrication projects.

Welding & machining services

Specialist welding services

We can provide precision welding for a broad range of applications.

We offer various forms of welding including: manual arc, Tig in alloy, magnesium, stainless and mild steel, aluminium and titanium, together with gas welding and bronze flux (brazing).

We can also provide plasma cutting on steel up to 8mm and alloy up to 6mm.

Our machining services include:

  • Milling with Gates Turret Mill
  • Turning with Colchester Student 1800
  • Honing with Delaphen Hone

Aqua Blast surface finishing

Aqua Blast cleaning restoration

Aquablasting metal surface cleaning and restoration.

‘Aqua-blaster’: surface cleaning, peening & finishing.

JHS Racing operate Bristol’s only Vapormatt Wet Blast/High Pressure Water Cleaning cabinet.

This extraordinary machine offers an incredibly advanced surface finishing capability that can reinstate metal surfaces to an ‘as new’ finish – its transformational effect can be seen in the images above and alongside.

The high-pressure water treatment completely removes all surface contaminants and grease from metal surfaces. It uses a gentle action with no surface damage. After processing surfaces are left super clean without the residual dust layer found after dry sand blasting.

Please call for a price quotation on your requirements. We would appreciate if you could call before visiting.


Superfinishing metal restoration

Metal restoration – Superfinishing treatment drum.

JHS Racing now offer Superfinishing for internal engine components.

Superfinishing is the term for the metal-working process that improves surface finish.

Superfinishing will improve the surface of your component on a microscopic level, improving reliability and durability, as hairline cracks and deformations are less likely to appear. Any component that is subject to interaction with another will significantly benefit from the reduced friction characteristics created by Superfinishing.

During this process, typically one to four microns of material are removed, depending on the original surface. Critically, this process ensures that the geometry of the part is maintained.


  • Reduces wear
  • Reduces stress concentrations
  • Increases fatigue life
  • Increases power efficiency
  • Increases component life
  • Increases power output

Full gearbox: £150 +VAT | Crankshafts: £100+VAT | Camshafts (pair): £100+VAT

Please contact us for prices on Superfinish treating other parts and components.